Library Committee


1. Serve as an interpreter of the requirements of the library to the committee and authorities and recommend for funds needed.

2. Provide support to the librarian in taking important decisions having implications for the users.

Library Committee Members
1 Dr. K.Naga Srinivasa Rao,Principal Chairman
2 Mr.P.Gandhi Convenor
3 Mr.A.V.V.Rajesh Babu Co-Ordinator
4 Mrs.P.Kusuma Member
5 Mr.A.Raja Member
6 Mrs.G.Sudharani Member
7 Mr.B.R.Gandhi Member
8 Mr.A.Srinivas Member
9 Mr.B.V.Reddy Member
10 Mrs.V.Naga Lakshmi Member
11 Mr.G.Lakshimaiah Member