1. Formulate academic aims and objectives of the institution.

2. Prepare strategic plans for financial, infrastructural and staffing areas.

3. Examine the recommendations of College Academic Advisory committee and prepare a road map for achieving the goals of the institution.

4. To monitor the academic and other related activities of the college.

5. To consider the recommendations of the staff selection committee.

6. To consider the important communications, policy decisions received from the University, Government, AICTE etc.

7. To monitor the student and faculty development programs.

8. To consider the recommendations of the College Academic Committee of the college for implementation.

9. Examine the budget proposals and accord approval.

10. To pass the annual budget of the college.

11. To check the audited income and expenditure accounts and approve the same for the college annual.

Governing body Members
1 Sri. Y.V. Anjaneyulu Management Chairman
2 Sri. Y. Sujith Kumar Management Member
3 Smt. K. Sowjanya Management Member
4 Sri. D. Vinay Kumar Management Member
5 Dr. N. Rama Rao Management Nominee Member
6 AICTE Nominee AICTE Nominee Member
7 Dr. B. Sarvesh JNTUK Nominee Member
8 AP State Government Nominee AP State Government Nominee Member
9 Sri. A. Manickavel Industrialist & Management Nominee Member
10 Sri. P. V. Sankara Rao Educationalist & Management Nominee Member
11 Sri. K. NagaSreenivasa Rao Faculty Representative Member
12 Sri. L. Uday Kiran Faculty Representative Member
13 Dr. V. Ranga Rao Principal of the Institute Member Secretary
Governing Body minutes of Meeting