Games and Sports Committee


1. To device and implement a mechanism for sports activities including students coaching, ground preparation, procurement of sports material and scheduling of the games.

2. To device and implement a mechanism for publicizing and motivating the students for participation in games and sports activities and organize inter- departmental sports and games events.

3. To coordinate with the university sports division and arrange for the participation of students at university tournaments, regional/state/national level sports events.

4. To device and implement a mechanism for liaison with the government agencies for grants in sports/gymnasium etc.

5. To work out and execute any other activity related with the sports & games. The ultimate objective shall be to provide an environment that enhances the student’s personality keeping them fit & healthy.

6. To develop team work, management and leadership skills in the students which helps them to keep their positive attitude and be disciplined and confident in their future endeavours.

Games and sports committee Members
1 Prof. G. Ashok Kumar Chairman
2 Prof. Md. Rafi Member
3 Prof. Y. Narendra Member
4 Prof. Y. Joseph Member
5 Prof. Sk. Ahmmad Sharif Member
6 Prof. G. Vijaya Kumari Member
Sports Committee minutes of Meeting