The elite decision making body of the college is the Governing Body. A group of intellectuals from industry and academia constitute the Governing Body. The body meets twice in a year to discuss various issues and aspects related to the development of the college. Major decisions which include considering and approving the institution strategic plans to achieve the goals of the institute, are taken by these members. It chalks out a roadmap in order to achieve the goals of the institute.

In just a short time, CIT has become known for its creative approach in teaching–learning process, academic performance, discipline and personality development programmes that give students broader and deeper perspectives. Students are encouraged to enhance their “Problem Solving Skills”, “Project based learning” and “Inter personal Skills” through various Professional Society activities” and Personality Development Programs”. Besides imparting technical skills of international standards to students, Management is committed to imbibe human values such as integrity, respect and commitment in students which enable us to produce world class talent pool forged with strong Indian ethicalvalues.